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Free Creative Art




the inclusion of a rich variety of open-ended materials combined with long periods of uninterrupted play supports children to invent, investigate and discover (Outcome 4 VEYLDF). Free creative arts are also a form of communication for young children; they express their ideas through a wide range of media.












The Café – modelling from real life experiences




Through dramatic play children learn to live interdependently with others and within different environments. By participating collaboratively in everyday events and experiences and contributing to decision making, children become increasingly connected with and contribute to their world (outcome 2, VEYLDF).

Jack wrote his own menu

Blocks and Loose Materials in Outdoor Play


A City Skyscraper

 Providing lots of loose construction materials helps to build strong communicators as they contribute their ideas and experiences in play. They begin to draw on their own experiences in constructing meaning: Conner said ‘work safe, you have to have a helmet on!”. Out door play allows children to explore the changes, smells, colours and textures of the natural environment and it provides memories of play that will last a lifetime. 

An Ice Cream Shop

Science and technology in Early Childhood





Using a pulley to make a farm                                           Aki trying to get ‘the strawberries’ out of the ice

Science and technology can be implemented in early childhood in many interesting ways and helps to develop a range of skills such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating (Outcome 4, VEYLDF).


Will was amazed to open up the answering machine and see all the inner workings