My interest in Early Childhood Education came later in life and was greatly inspired from starting my own family. My children’s wonder, curiosity and continuing learning journeys continue to inspire me every day.

Me and my 2 children, Gaston and Esme

I have a bachelor of Fine Arts from Monash University as art has been a passion of mine throughout my life. Visual arts are an amazing form of communication for young children helping them to invent, investigate and discover and I am really excited to be able to use this passion in my future early childhood curriculum.

I have been fortunate to have lived overseas for over 10 years, 7 of those in France. This life experience has given me a greater understanding of multicultural Australia through learning in depth about another culture and language. This experience will be a rich source of inspiration and resources to be used in my teaching.

A sensory exploration where some fantastic natural landscapes were created

Through my studies and the various placements done, I have learnt a great deal about my own style of teaching. I strongly believe that children should be respected and their voices listened to as they are competent and creative learners and through co-operative learning I will use my studies and skills to create a diverse and inclusive environment. Using play as a means to create child directed environments, along with materials inspired by nature I want to work in an environment where children and educators learn together.


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