What would you like sir?


Child: Anton and Jack           Date: 25/10/11                        Observer: Catherine


I set up a café/shop corner, with a coffee machine, cash register, and café accessories. They were also given clipboards and paper.

 Observation: ‘What would you like sir?’

 Anton really wanted to be the waiter and convinced Jack to swap and be the cook. Jack had already sat down and wrote out a menu. Anton really enjoyed explaining the menu and noting down on his clipboard what you wanted.

‘What would you like sir?’, he asked Benji

‘Potatoes and tomatoes’, Benji replied

‘I’ll take your order and tell the chef what you want’, said Anton.


It was really positive how both the boys and the girls were drawn to this corner and explored happily together. They were quickly engaged in different role plays and enthusiastically negotiated their personal ideas and desires in a positive fashion. The level of communication in this corner was really inspiring in both their verbal understanding of their own personal experiences eating out and also in their enthusiasm for the written component of writing menus and taking orders as seen in these photos:

 What next:

We decided to immediately extend on the literacy component seen in this learning experience and while the children were outside set up a menu writing extension. We put out coloured paper and pens along with food catalogue cut outs. The children enjoyed the cutting, pasting and assembling of the menus and in particular communicating with the teachers about what they wanted to eat off the menus.


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