The Little Family



Child: Bonnie, Ella, Zoe and Daisy              Date: 18/10/11                  Observer: Catherine

A small loose materials table was set up. Gum nuts, seed pods, cotton balls, small bits of wood and small squares of material.


Observation: “The Little Family”
Bonnie, Ella, Zoe and Daisy were the first to have a go on the table. The quickly realised they wanted to construct using the materials so they added masking tape to the table. Zoe set about sticking a dress onto one on the small sticks and then a jacket on top of that. Ella constructed a little treasure box using the containers the loose materials were in and black felt stuck to the bottom. The girls then went on to create a whole little family that was placed in the treasure box. They made little baby cots with the seed pods and cotton balls and constructed little babies with wrapped up material and scotch tape.

The girls were immediately interested in the table and quickly jumped on to have a go. As the activity was so open-ended they first enjoyed exploring the different shapes, textures and materials. Once Zoe had established she was making a person several of the other girls decided to do the same. Ella became frustrated while trying to make a pod baby but persisted with a little help from myself and was proud of the end result.

What next:
This table was very popular and very quickly the materials had been transformed into many different things and put away in their lockers. More loose material activities that can be used in construction might be of interest.


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