Steam Sand



 Child: Ari, Harrison, Bailey, William, Tom               Date: 24/10/11            Observer: Catherine


The boys were playing in the sand pit and using a number of tools in their play.

 Observation: “Steam sand!’

 Ari found a box of tools and called out ‘let’s fix things!’  They ran off  to the sand pit with the tools. They then mixed up ‘poisonous cement’ in the wheelbarrow. Harrison, Bailey, William and Tom collected ‘worms and snails’ (tanbark) and made ‘steam sand’ by mixing all the ingredients together.


The finding on the tool box sparked a whirlwind of activity. They were all quickly engaged in co-operative play and communicating some amazing ingredients into their concoction. The boys really enjoyed manipulating the tools, cooking utensils and shovels. A big part of this play was the communicating and negotiating what should go into the mixture, a great example of emergent language and social skills.

 What next:

Setting up a gadget box, with tools, old machines and different hardware materials to be explored by the children.


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