My teaching philosophy


 Before sharing my teaching values I would like to define my image of a child, parent and teacher as they influence my values.

What is a child?
Children are curious explorers who are naturally motivated and extremely capable and competent. They are creative problem solvers, totally unique with individual needs and ways of communicating. They have rights and their own voice that is to be respected at all times.

What is a parent?
As a primary carer, parents support and guide their child through life. They love, nurture and protect them, taking great pride in their achievements. They are also important life educators that collaborate with others to promote positive learning experiences.

What is a teacher?
Teachers encourage children, support them and listen to their ideas and points of view. A teacher is open-minded to different cultures and each child’s individual needs. They engage the children based on the children’s interests and enjoy learning with them. A teacher observes the children and shares their findings as a means to promote further learning.

My values:

Early childhood is unique – it is valued as a unique developmental period and foundational to children’s future learning and development.
Children learn through play – a play-based approach to learning where children’s interests and ideas guide their own learning is essential.
Children are viewed positively – they are capable and competent learners who already know many things.
Learning is collaborative – children are involved in their own learning along with family and colleagues; learning is a shared collaborative journey.
Reflective practice is essential – on-going documentation is used to reflect on each child’s learning and made visible to parents, staff and the children.
Children’s emotional wellbeing is foundational – strong relationships promote warmth and support to each child’s individual social, emotional and spiritual needs.
Quality environments promote quality learning – a stimulating and engaging environment is essential, high quality open-ended resources and experiences promote children’s play and learning.
Diversity promotes respect – a diversity rich environment caters to everyone in the community, enriching and engaging the respect of all children and families.
Outdoor play is learning too –time outdoors promotes physical and mental growth and is part of everyday learning practice.


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