Elias and the marble



Child: Elias                           Date: 18/10/11                                                  Observer: Catherine

Setting: Elias was rolling around on the mat on his own with a couple of marbles and gum nuts. He was not sure what he wanted to do.

Observation:   Elias and the marble”

 I showed him how to flick the marble with my fingers and he immediately wanted to engage in a game of marbles. We spent at least half an hour flicking the marble back and forth trying to hit the gum nuts with the marble and then using them as goals to shoot between. Elias was really keen to demonstrate his amazing counting abilities by counting out loud each time he scored a goal. He was very confident with his counting and never forgot which number he was up to.

‘I’ve got 10 goals and you’ve got 2, after 10 comes 11’. He told me.



Elias needs a lot of stimulation to stay engaged in an activity but once he has found this stimulation he can stay engaged for an impressive length of time. He was immediately interested in the new flicking of marbles and did not hesitate to have a go. He was often frustrated by his technique and occasional misses but continued to persist with his difficulties showing self control. His verbal communication was clear and his love of maths and in particular numbers was demonstrated many times. He clearly has a strong logical and mathematical intelligence and once this was stimulated he persisted at the activity for longer than most adults would.

What next:

Various mathematical games and activities might be of interest to him. He also might like challenging his fine motor skills through manipulation of small objects and materials.


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